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Power of the Journey

Before we dig in.

2020 has meant:

Australian Bushfires & COVID-19 & Black Lives Matter

That’s not exhaustive.

What you need to know is that I wake up each morning remembering the weight of the world.

And then I take a step forward.

As I dig into writing about this coding journey here and now, please know I do this because it helps me remember:

Nothing is permanent.

Life is constantly teaching, but it’s up to us to learn.

We can rally together when things get scary.

With that in mind, the power of the journey.

Perhaps the best part about changing careers from education to tech has been hearing from the people.

Their stories, their zig-zag paths from here to there, and what they learned.

Although no one has taken the same path from point A to point B, there are beautiful themes emerging:

  1. Inquisitiveness is gold. Thinking, “Well that’s weird” and then having the gusto to figure it out.
  2. Embrace the unknown, because you’ll never know all the things.
  3. No door has to close all the way. Show your best self always, and maintain relationships. You just never know.
  4. There exists a balance amongst business, team and personal objectives. Find a way to further all three.
  5. This is a JOURNEY. Invest in it daily.

Cannot wait to keep listening to and learning from those before me.

Be well.

Get in touch any time.